Size of TT Scale

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What Size is TT Scale?
   Size wise, TT scale belongs in the space between HO and N, being at 1/120 scale, just about 3/4 the size of HO. TT scale was, until the introduction of N scale, the smallest practical scale, and at 1/10" to the foot is one of the easiest scales to convert from the prototype.
   To TTers, Hal Joyce is recognized as the man who invented TT scale. In the 1950's Hal Joyce's company, HP Products, had more than 20 different power units available for the TT hobbyist. TT scale reached the peak of its popularity in the 1950's. TT scale is still very popular in Europe with estimates of over 25,000 TT modelers.
   A variety of track, turnouts, motive power, rolling stock and structures are now being produced in Europe and the United States to support TT scale as many in the Model Railroad community have come to recognize that TT is truly the smallest practical scale.  Many N scale and HO scale modelers will agree that TT is a good compromise in size. And although TT scale is 3/4 the size of HO, it requires less than 2/3 of the layout space.
   So if you are a builder capable of serious kit building, or scratching what no one else has, and you are looking for new challenges, then TT scale could be an attractive alternative.
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