Why would I ever want to model in TT scale?

What's New

 Possum Valley models is closing, effective September 30, 2011.  

Possum Valley Custom Casting will still be accepting some small uncomplicated orders of all types on a case by case basis.

The FA and FB shell kits will still be produced and sold as advance reservation items only until the molds are degraded.  Those of you who have FA and FB shell kits on order now will receive those kits when casting is complete.

No new orders for any other products will be taken starting now.

The few of you who have orders pending will receive those orders subject to items being in stock.  If other arrangements have been made for kits and products, those arrangements will be honored if at all possible.

The closing is being done due to several reasons. 
The current molds are old.  Many have reached their shelf life and are unusable.  Others have been degraded due to the number of parts that have been cast from them and will not reproduce clean parts.  Making new molds for just a few parts a year is impractical.  A secondary reason is that time has come for me to move on so that I can take advantage of my retirement and participate in other activities.

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Purpose of This Web Site Introduction to TT Scale
What You Will Find on this Site Material Wanted
Support for this site Free Product Listing Service
Advertising Credits
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Purpose of this Web Site

   The purpose of this web site is to promote TT Scale Model Railroading.  This will be accomplished in a couple of ways.  The first of which is to introduce the uninitiated model railroad fan to TT Scale.  The second is by providing the active TT Scale modeler with the latest information about products that are currently available.  Links to the various parts of the site are available at the top and bottom of the main web pages.

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Introduction to TT Scale

     TT Scale has been called "the scratch builders scale".  This term was first used because TT scaled out to 1/10th inch, or one inch equaled 10 feet.  Today it is called "the scratch builders scale" because you have to almost scratch build everything for it, although TT trains are widely available in Europe. Some of these trains and kits are being imported for the modelers who model the European prototype.  TT Scale today in the United States has a small die-hard following.  It is more popular in Europe and 'Down Under'.  There are model railroaders coming into TT Scale all the time, but not as many as we would like.
     There has been a revival of TT Scale, of a sort, in that a few cottage industries are cropping up.  This may be due to the fact that there are new chemicals and processes that make mass modeling easier for the home enthusiast.  Resin casting is one process that has come down in price so that it only takes about $50 and some imagination to produce good looking parts to begin with.  Brass etching is another process that can be done in the small workshop.  Also, the World Wide Web has made it possible for TT'ers to communicate effortlessly with one another.

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What You Will Find on this Site

   You will find a variety of information about TT Scale here, as stated on the Start page.  We will also try to provide a comprehensive on-line catalog of TT Scale products, parts, and supplies from all known manufacturers, large and small, in the US and in other countries.  These items can be ordered directly from the respective dealer or manufacturer, whose contact information will also be supplied with their listing.
   Manufacturers and dealers of TT Scale products that have signed on with us will have a series of web pages that they can use to further describe their products and services.  Photos of these items may also be present there.
   TT layouts will also be featured in these pages.  Layouts that are complete, and those still under construction will both be displayed.

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Material Wanted

   We are always looking for TT Scale layouts and photographs to add to this site, to  show off your work and inspire other modelers.  If you think that you have something that we can use, please contact me.  We can not pay you for it, but we certainly would like to publish it here.

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Support for this site

   Donations will be accepted from individuals and firms who are also interested in promoting TT Scale Model Railroading.
   If you are a dealer or manufacturer, you can lend your support to TT Scale in a couple of ways.  One is through donations that will help keep our out of pocket expenses down, and the other is by advertising with us.  Please remember that your basic product listing is free.

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Free Product Listing Service

   If you are a dealer or manufacturer of TT Scale model railroad items, or any products or services associated with it, please contact me for free listing information, and our extremely low advertising rates.

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   If you are a dealer or manufacturer of TT Scale products or services, we would just love to have you advertise with us on this web site.  Besides helping to pay for this site, you would be promoting TT Scale Model Railroading.  In most cases, our rates are are below $75 per year for a prime location for your logo, and web page space on our server.  (I told you our rates were low).  Please contact the Webmaster for more information.

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   This Web Site could not have been possible if it were not for the long range vision of Jim O’Brien of Coastal Engineering, and his support of this project by providing the Domain name and start-up server space.  I would also like to thank Don Daniels who started the TTSMR e-mail list on OneList.com (now at Yahoogroups.com), with much urging from John Svensson and a few others.  This has started pulling all TT Scale model railroaders together from all parts of the globe, which in turn led to the sparking of ideas and the motivation to start this project.  Thanks also to Elmer McKay for designing and building these pages; and to Netscape, who has a great product that allows you to create web pages by the ‘point & click’ method.

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   We would like to hear from you!  Please write us with your comments and criticisms, good and bad, so we can continue to improve this web site.

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Navigating Frames

     To go "back" in a window of a site that is using Frames, such as this one, position the mouse pointer in the frame that you want to go back from.  Then Right-Click your mouse and select "back" from the drop-down menu that appears.
     The back button on your web browser may have an entirely different effect depending on what web browser, and the version you are using.  It may take you back to where you were before you came to a page using frames.  In the case of this site, it may take you back to the "Start" page.

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