History of TT Scale

Original US TT Manufactuers

 A&J Models, Cape Coral FL
Produced wood craftsman style kits, 40' boxcar, reefer, caboose, stock car

A.L. Co  Hobbies, Bronx NY    
 Produced milled wood roadbed, track, bridges, car kits, rerailer
All metal log car and logs shown in the Aug 56 RMC

Allegheny Models, John Harmon.
Re-released the original Kemtron/ Lindsay Docksider ("Little Joe") but updated with can motor.  Also produced his own boxcar, reefer and tank car kits

Allen Products
Freight and Passenger trucks.

Andrex Specialty Products, Brooklyn NY
March 1950 RMC, structure kits for a Flagstop Depot, Elevated Gate Tower, Tool Shed, Telephone box & poles, Trackside Warehouse
From the 1952 "Electronic and Hobbycraft Stores" catalog-
B-1  Flagstop Depot,   50 cents
B-2  Elevated Gate Tower,  50 cents
B-3  Wayside Structures,  50 cents  (included tool shed, telephone box and poles)
B-4  Trackside Warehouse,  70 cents

Paul Arnold/ Mel Roberts
Supposedly produced several different car kits with silk screened sides, announced in Feb 56 RMC

B. Blake
Dec. 54 RMC, listed as having printed building paper, cast metal doors and windows, fire hydrants, barrels and other details

Cast  metal building kits, craftsman freight car kits

Cliff  Line, North Holly wood, CA
Made TT scale tunnel portals

Craftsman Kits, Hackensack, NJ
Sept 63 Model railroader, made several truss rod passenger car kits and a boxcar kit.
Later produced by Eastern Scale Models, Hungry Horse Montana

Crummy Craft, R Wayne Lowery,  Walla Walla WA
April 52 RMC, non revenue car kits, Cabooses, work cars, bobber caboose, crane kit

Eastern Scale Models, Hungry Horse Montana
See Craftsman Kits, Hackensack, NJ

Eric S. Nielson of NYC, NY.
Cast signals, several conversions for HP MU cars including a Gas Electric "doodlebug", Jersey Central Box cab Diesel, Trolley cars, and several over several years.

Gandy Dancer
Started by Sherman Dance, bought by Edwin Feytek 1956(?).  
Produced one steam locomotive, a 4-4-0 American (mentioned in Dec. 54 RMC, $24.50)
Also produced three non powered diesel kits, an Alco DL 721, a GM DD40, and a GM Switcher
Numerous freight and passenger car kits, cast metal details including a  Packard and a Ford Touring automobile, bridges, crossing gates, warning signs, baggage wagon, loco parts
From RMC, April 52, Producing 66 different cars
RMC, Aug 55, cast metal box car kit BM-1, $1.85
RMC, Feb 57, cast metal and wood flat car kit, working on a cast metal tank car kit with a wood tank.
Al Soulier (3rd owner of the Gandy Dancer line) who upgraded and expanded the line during this period of time.

Garrison Studio Co.
Plaster structures, ready to paint
(from 1952 E & H Catalog)-
201  Two Story Apartment        .50
202   Stone House                      .50
203   Village Church                  .50
204   Log Cabin                         .40
205   Two Story Frame House   .40
206  Georgetown Type House    .40
207   Two Story modern Brick House   .35
208   Old Fashioned Brick House          .35
209    Two Story Frame, Store Downstairs  .35
210  Shed Type Frame House, Western   .35
211  False Front Store, Western                .35
212   Spring House                                  .25
213   Cottage                                            .25
214   Single Garage                                  .25
215   Brick Outhouse                                .10
216   Wood Outhouse                                .10
217   Tool Shed                                         .30
218   Small Factory                                   .50
219   Interlocking Tower                           .50
220   Old Time Gingerbread Station          .85
221   Watchman's Shanty                           .35
222   Branch Line Station                            .45
223  Frame Farm House                              .75
224   Barn and Silo                                      .75
225   Grist Mill                                            .85
230    Chimney Assortment (nine)               .75          

Gem Models
Pre-fabricated flex track
Assembled Turnouts, #6 L or R
Tie Strip                                 

H "n"B Enterprises, Miami FL
Produced models similar to A&J Models- wood craftsman
style kits.  Packaging of kits is the same, illustrations, etc-
same era (1970's?)

Hobbycast by Fry, St Albans, NY
Stone tunnel portal.

HP Products
Hal Joyce, originator of TT scale.
Produced several steam locomotives-  Prices from Dec. 58 RMC
0-6-0 switcher               $22.00 kit
2-8-0 Consolidation      $26.50 kit, $33.50 with valve gear, $37.50 assembled
2-8-2 Mikado                $33.50 kit
4-4-2 Atlantic             $28.50 kit
4-6-0 Ten Wheeler       $29.50 kit
4-6-2 Pacific                 $31.50 kit
4-8-2 Mountain             $33.50 kit
4-8-4 Northern              $44.50 kit
4-6-6-4 Articulated       $60.50 kit
Also offered parts to convert these to other styles, i.e. a 2-6-0, 2-6-2, 2-8-4, etc..
March 56 RMC announced spoked drivers available on all HP steam locomotives, cast pilots in place of stamped metal ones.  The Northern was released in May 51 (?), was a limited production item.
The Ten Wheeler was released in March 59, it had a brass boiler and details.
HP produced an GMC E7 Diesel A and B unit.  B unit was available powered or unpowered.
Originally all stamped sheet metal with stamped sideframes,  Feb 56 RMC announced an improved version with a cast nose and cast truck sideframes
May 51 RMC, announced a "new and available" MU car and trailer.
HP produced several stamped aluminum passenger cars - Baggage, postal, diner, Pullman, coach and observation.
They produced numerous freight cars- Boxcars, flat cars, hoppers, gondolas.  They announced all metal lithographed car kits in the Sept 55 RMC?
Jewel Models, John Marshall  Stamford CT
40' Steel Box Car Kits-
NYC Pacemaker
MKT Katy
200 Ton Flat Car Kit- Pennsy, 16 wheel
70' Standard Steel Passenger Car with trucks
Modern Building Kits-
Group-Telephone Box, Yardmaster Office, Signal Tower, Wayside Station
Power House
Apartment House
Fire House
Coaling Tower
Post Office
Passenger Station
Office Building
Water Tower
Gas Station
Concrete Bridge
Sand House

(From the 1952 E&H Catalog-  "As we go to press, there have been no shipments from Jewel for over six months.  We assume that they are out of business.  Thus, although we have a fair amount of stock of the above, delivery in the future will be extremely uncertain.")

Joma, Bridgeport CT
First mentioned in March 56 RMC, again in June 56 as Johmar,  Aug 56 RMC announces brass gondola and card board structure kits,  Feb 57 RMC announces brass tank cars.   Supposedly coming out with a caboose and metal box cars.

Produced the 0-4-0 Dockside kit ($18.95, Dec. 58)
Also produced detail castings for cars and locomotives.
Produced an Alco A/B unit diesel, etched brass shell with cast brass nose and details
A unit powered $29.95, dummy $12.95,  B unit powered $28.95, dummy $11.75 (11-54)
Produced a diecast Zamac hopper car kit, $2.00 without trucks, $3.25 with.
Produced cast brass trucks, Bettendorf, Arch Bar, Old time tender and Bobber caboose with tool box.
Announced in Jan 55 RMC, new metal car kits and a GP7

Plaster tunnel portals and structures

Le Roy Toy & Novelty
Made Plaster tunnel portals and a 4 arch stone bridge

Lindsay Products
First to produce the "Tiny Tim" Dockside 0-4-0 Switcher, later Kemtron
Also oxidized brass freight trucks

Marvin Grumet, Brooklyn NY
Listed in April 55 RMC, producing cast parts for trollys

Model Engineering Works of Niagara Falls, NY.
Switch stands

Erik S Nielsen, NY, NY
Feb 54 RMC, producing all metal car kits- box, flat, stock, coach, baggage and combine
Nov. 54 RMC, has a diesel body matching CNJ 100, unpowered to use with HP MU truck ($3.75), a gas electric combine body ($4.75) also different steam loco pilots
Dec 54 RMC, a caboose kit
Jan 55 RMC, offering an Interurban body kit to use with the HP MU power truck, $6.60
Nov. 55 RMC, has a plastic boxcar kit
Feb. 56 RMC, has a TT scale trailer truck and a piggyback flat car kit.

Northeastern Scale Models
TT scale lumber and siding

Parnell Products
10" Turntable Kit  
$11.95 in the 1952 E&H Catalog

Peare Engineering, Charlie Hinkle, Clifton NJ
Code 70 NS flex track
TT-44 Rolling Track Gauge

Precision Castings of Topanga, CA.
TT Brass Headlight, smoke stack.

Raffington Scale Models
T-1 Tunnel Portal, old time stone (plaster)
B-1 Bridge, Four Arch Stone (plaster)

Rice Hobby Center, Ft. Wayne IN
Mentioned in Aug 56 RMC, coming out with a depressed center flat car

Produced the Lindsay/ Kemtron Docksider after Kemtron
got out of TT

RR Products of Lancaster, Lancaster PA
Mentioned in Feb 54 RMC as having several structures- coaling station, house under construction and three house trailers.  Also in Oct. 54 RMC with a handcar
(operating??) and a slope back tender kit

Robert McMinnis, Belleville NJ
TT dealer, also produced #6 switches with code 70 NS rail

John F. Sauter
Custom built and painted buildings
Industrial Water Tower
Wayside Water Tank
Interlocking Tower
Gateman's House
Coaling  Station

Scale Rail Miniatures, River Edge NJ
Announced an imported brass 0-6-0 in the Jan 59 issue of RMC, cost $29.55

Star Line Models Inc.
Passenger Car Kits with Trucks-
Box Car Kits, with Trucks-
Atlantic Coast Line
ATSF  Santa Fe
Canadian National
Central New Jersey
Chesapeake and Ohio
Rock Island- Aluminum
Seaboard Railway
Union Pacific
Depressed Center Flat Car Kit with Trucks-
Refrigerator Car, with Trucks-
American Dairy
Blatz Beer
Rath's Black Hawk Ham
Tank Car Kits, Single Dome with Trucks-
Gulf Oil
Shippers Car Line
White Star
Deep Rock
Cities Service
Shell Oil
Tank Car, Two Dome with Trucks
Tank Car, Three Dome with Trucks
Building Kits
Farm House
Combination Station
Bridge Kits
Timber Trestle
Steel Truss
Stringer and Tie Section
Wood Roadbed for Ribbon Rail, Switch Blocks,
Radius'- 10", 12", 14", 15", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34"

Star Products, Brooklyn NY
Made wood roadbed and switch blocks, same as Star Line?
Table Top Miniatures,  Graham Bretzger,
Produced several different TT scale figures, distributed through Sherman Dance/ Gandy Dancer

The Train Terminal
Produced TT scale switches, but were listed as out of production as early as May 51 RMC, perhaps due to the war?

Tom Lindholm, originator of Tomalco
Lost Wax castings.

TT Trains, Donald B. King, Hoopestown, Il
Published a bi monthly newsletter, "TT Trains"

Universal Model Products Co. a.k.a Umpco
Flex track and switches, code 100 on fiber ties

Produced three different TT scale figures,
#500  Seated Engineer
#505  Brakeman for Ladder
#507  Brakeman for Roof

Thanks to Al Reibel for 99.9% of this list.

When TT scale started to be displaced by the more popular N scale that appeared in the 1960's, most of the current TT scale manufacturers started closing their doors.  It was at this time that John Harmon and Larry Sayer started to buy out these companies.  When they did, they got the remaining stock and the rights to produce the products.  John Harmon took an active role by assembling parts into kits and selling whatever he could, and he also made some parts to be used to complete some kits.  John later sold most of the companies and parts he acquired to Stanley Lisowski who apparently had also acquired some of the newer injection molds for TT scale. Unfortunately when he passed away, his son inherited them. Apparently He (the son) was very bitter toward the TT community in general, and maybe even toward Dick Taylor and John Harmon, because his Father's dream was not realized. One of the rumors about the son is because he is bitter, these items will not be sold or released to the TT community, ever.  The latest word on them is they have been improperly stored and have rusted or corroded beyond use.

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