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Collection 2

Shown above, is a Bangor and Aroostook Wood Chip car that was kit-bashed from a PS-1 boxcar kit.  This car was built by Tom Collard.  Tom also had the decals made and you can get a set from him.  His email address is < >.

This is a TT scale, 42" gauge, model of a G-12 running on an N scale Life Like SD7 chassis.   Chris Happé added a few details to the model including the hand rails on the walkways and new handrails on the ends, also the stacks, bell and horns.   The paint scheme is Canadian National from the sixties and the decals are N scale. (Chris Happé)

HOn3 conversion by Jim O'Brien.
The 2-8-0 is a Model Die Casting HOn3 kit. The cylinders had to be replaced and some fiddling was required to regauge it.  As you can see, it came out all well.  It is almost right for the larger 2-8-0's of the 1920's.
The scene is crossing the bridge after leaving the Seney Station on His layout.

This is an original HP MU unit.  The pieces are a hard and
broken traction tire that powered the unit.  (Matt Coleman).

New parts for an under-frame-power unit for an HP MU power conversion, by Chris Happé.
The assembled under-frame-power unit, HP MU car, by Chris Happé.

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