Photographs of TT Scale

Collection 1

The photographs below are from a German Special Interest TT USA group.  One of their  Model Railroads is called the Iris Creek Valley, built by Ingo Schwaetzer.

Layout by Willi Knipping and Siggi Heerde, model H10-44
by Ingo Schwaetzer

Layout by the late Franz Kaupsch.  (The model caboose was built
by James O'brien of Coastal Engineering and later sold with other
North American TT Equipment.  ewm)

Layout by Jörg Nill (Iris Creek Valley station), model consolidation by Jörg Nill.

Layout by Ingo Schwaetzer.  (The reefers were made using parts from
Coastal Engineering.  ewm)

Layout by Willi Knipping and Siggi Heerde, locomotive by Willi Knipping.

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