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Possum Valley models is closing, effective September 30, 2011.  

Possum Valley Custom Casting will still be accepting some small uncomplicated orders of all types on a case by case basis.

The FA and FB shell kits will still be produced and sold as advance reservation items only until the molds are degraded.  Those of you who have FA and FB shell kits on order now will receive those kits when casting is complete.

No new orders for any other products will be taken starting now.

The few of you who have orders pending will receive those orders subject to items being in stock.  If other arrangements have been made for kits and products, those arrangements will be honored if at all possible.

The closing is being done due to several reasons. 
The current molds are old.  Many have reached their shelf life and are unusable.  Others have been degraded due to the number of parts that have been cast from them and will not reproduce clean parts.  Making new molds for just a few parts a year is impractical.  A secondary reason is that time has come for me to move on so that I can take advantage of my retirement and participate in other activities.
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Now you can get your items from me by using your Visa or Master Card through your PayPal account.

If you are presently a member of PayPal, use the last name of McKay; and the email address of; emckay70@member.afa.org  Click here to go to PayPal.

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Last up-dated  09-29-11