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     Hello Modelers.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who placed an order with us last year at DnS TT Track, as we just got started, and to let everyone know that we are still here.  We hope that some of you have noticed our ad in "TT Empire", or will notice our forth coming ad in "Model Railroad Craftsman Magazine".

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Our Track Items
     Based on several requests from individuals and various opportunities, DnS has started to expand the track work that we offer, and are also looking at other items for future opportunities.  In the "CATALOG" under "TRACK" is the current listing of the track that we have available and their respective prices.  Please note the last three items as they are new.

DnS-Trk7 is a wide fixed radius curve tie base which will fit as the outside track of the 12 7/8" curve. These are a half section tie base, and come in a package of 14 to make a semicircle.

DnS-Trk8 is a three piece crossing kit which when fully assembled make a beautiful crossing of 12'.  The crossing will be very stable and firm when placed in an operating layout.

DnS-Trk9 is a double slip switch which really looks great and will be a great addition to any passenger or freight yard.

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Our Buildings and Other Items
     I would like to announce that we at DnS have acquired "Struc-Ture Miniatures" recently.  In the "CATALOG" under "BUILDINGS" for DnS, is the list of the structures currently available and their respective prices. For those unfamiliar with this line of plaster products, they are a white plaster cast of houses, business, portals, and the like.  They readily accept various paints and/or chalks which are currently on the market, and can be painted to match your railroad colors very easily.
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Photographs of Some Items that we carry

Curved Track

Flex Tie Strips

Available in kits or built up.

Doubleslip Switch.

Cast Plaster Tunel Portal

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Ordering Information

To order from DnS TT, send check or money order in US funds to:

DnS TT Track
David Schneider
8105 Greenwich Ct.
Fort Wayne, IN  46835

Phone: 260-482-9543

Please add $5.00 for shipping and Handling on all orders.

For orders outside the US, please contact me for shipping information.

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