The Boss Trunk Lines RR

The following photos are of Ray Boss' TT scale layout.  Ray's layout is a work in progress spanning some 40+ years. His sense of humor and wit shows up in his selection of names for places on his layout.  Ray lives in the New London, Ct. area of the USA.  Photos by Jerry Golembowski.


The Boss Trunk Lines herald on a caboose.


A look up the Main Street of this layout, a pulled back view, showing location of the models on Ray's layout, and the flowing track pattern.
The first photo is a completely scratch built factory complex, the Jerkless Pulley Company.

A HP 4-8-2 can be seen pulling a freight drag between the factory and its annex. The buildings exterior is scribed bass wood with individual bricks carved in by hand.
This photo shows the view from across the street from the Jerkless Pulley Co. A variety of retail type establishment are modeled here including a Barber shop with Barber pole and mail box and porch light on the second floor of a business known as Foxy Tweksbury's School of Dance (the white, late 1900 century structure). Shades and curtains are seen in this scratch built group of buildings.
A small shop, again completely scratch built, known as the ACME UNIFORM TRIM COMPANY. Ray's attention to details on this model can be seen in the heating oil tank shown in the rear of this building and the orange cat sitting on the fence.
A Christoph Signal tower with internal detail added is shown to the left, and another view of the Acme Uniform Trim Shop to the right. An HP 4-8-2 is on center stage and the beautiful hand laid code 40 rail on individual ties is evident on this 6' X 6' layout.

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