Welcome to the DSS&A
A TT Scale Layout
Jim O'Brien
Owner of 
Coastal Engineering

Here is the track plan for my Railroad, The DSS&A.
For a larger view, click HERE.

The 2-8-0 above, is in passenger service crossing a hand built trestle with a view of Mt Rushmore on the distant mountain.  (If anyone wants a casting of Mt. Rushmore, it is available from me for under $5).

Santa Fe Passenger service passing through Ste Sault Marie on my layout.
Engines are Rokal with reformed wheels to operate on code 70 rail.

Passenger train arriving at Trout Lake station on my DSSA.
The station is a Coastal Kit.

A Kemtron Docksider shifting some loaded hoppers around at the mine.

Layout construction, the early stage.

More 'Layout' construction.

Layout construction continues.

Here I am, hard at work(?) promoting TT Scale at an NMRA convention.

Last up-date of this page:  10-13-2000