A TT scale model Railroad under construction
by Gary Raabe.

This TT railroad is a folded figure 8 design.  There are three towns on three levels which become five town in operation.  The main town of Prescott is the start, middle, and end, of a run.  The layout is 7 x 18 along one side of the garage.  It is 52 off the floor with shelves under the layout, for storage.  The layout is built on a open grid frame with plywood sub-bed and Alco road bed.
An over-all view.


The main yard at Prescott.
The track is hand laid with code 55 rail, as are the turnouts.  Buildings are from kits; cast plaster or scratch built.
The main yard from above.
Rolling stock is from most past and present manufactures.  Christoff, Jewel, Gandy Dancer, Star Line, Coastal Engineering, The Sign Man, and I hope to get some from Sleepy Hollow models also.
The engine facilities.
The turn table is a 12 long, through truss design, that I scratch built 25 years ago from stip-wood. The roundhouse is built from heavy card stock with strip-wood supports.  The Locomotives are form H P Produce, Kemtron, Gandy Dancer, Scale Craft 0-6-0 and Neilson.
Two of the towns.  Each is on a different level.


The third town.