Some Photos of my TT Scale Narrow Gauge Layout
"The Possum Valley Short Line"
are shown below.

About The PVSLRR
   My Possum Valley Short Line RR is a fictious railroad that is located in the Illusion Mountains of Colorado.
   The railroad is an 'around-the-wall' layout, built in a 13 x 16 foot room.  The mainline goes around the room once with two branches on different levels .  Each town along the way is a switching module, and therefore a small layout by itself.  I used published module and switching track plans to get more operating ability from them, than if I had designed them myself.  The mainline connects these modules / towns together.
   My model railroad is modeled in TT scale narrow gauge. (1/120).  Most things are built in one of three ways: 1)  Modified HO scale items; 2)  Modified N scale items; or 3)  Scratch built TT scale items.
   Bench work is L-girder construction with Homasote roadbed; wiring is Cab Control Block type, although I am using Command Control at the present time.  (I have the ability to switch between Command Control and DC control systems).  Each module has itís own control panel, and there are other control panels as needed for the main line.
   I use a 'Tab-On-Car' operating system to simulate the shipment of goods from one industry to another.  There are a total of 47 industries that either receive or ship goods, or both.
   It gave me great pleasure in making this model railroad, and construction time was about 10 years, to the point where you see it now.  I am currently working on an expansion of it by adding a standard gauge line, and increasing the main line distance by going into another room.
   The photos below have been color corrected, the sky colors changed, and smoke added.  Otherwise they have not been touched up.

   I am currently working on a town module that will provide an interchange between my current PVSL narrow gauge railroad, and a standard gauge TT scale expansion that I am planning.  Some of the tracks are hand laid dual gauge.  Some special track work is included as well.  To see photo's of this module, go to the Photo's page, Collection 5.

Elmer McKay

Climax No.6 bringing the empties in over the gorge.
(E side, lower level, looking east)

Through freight arriving at Possum Valley City.
(SE corner, lower level, looking south)

Engine facilities at Possum Valley City.
(SE corner, lower level, looking east)

Possum Valley City yard.
(S side, lower level, looking east)

A shot of that new fangled gas-electric.
(S side, upper level, looking east)

The noon local switching at Allen Town.
(W side, middle level, looking north)

More empties coming in to Allen Town behind Shay No.5 on the new girder bridge.
(W side, lower level, looking west)

The station agent looking for the 2:04 express.
(W side, middle level, looking south)

More empties heading out behind Shay No.5.
NW corner, middle level, looking north)

The line to the high desert
(N side, upper level, looking west)

The bridge to the high desert with the noon local coming this way.
(NW corner, upper level, looking west)

Here comes No.6 approaching the high desert bridge with a string of logs.
W side, upper level, looking north)

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