A TT scale model railroad by Dennis Martin
(This modest RR shows that you can still have fun with a small layout. ed.)

I grew up in the suburbs south of Chicago, not too far from the Illinois Central.  My model railroad has always been intended to represent typical middle Illinois railroading, rather than specific.  Thus I have called my railroad the Central Illinois R.R.

Using this name allows me to re-arrange stock decals for my equipment.  Several of my pieces use versions of the IC's diamond logo, some with green background, that they used in the '50's, with the words switched.  I realize others have done this, but I don't mind, and assume they don't either.

Looking at a map reveals that Illinois was covered with a network of railroads.  The Santa Fe actually crossed a line of the New York Central at Streator, and the NYC and Pennsy went as far west as St.Louis.  A road only fifty or so miles long could intersect with several major lines.  This rationalized (for me at least) operating equipment from many roads.  I have not (and probably will not) done things like modeled two switches and three buildings and claimed to have modeled a section of the XYZ RR, or a link between the A RR and the B RR.  There is nothing wrong with this, I am just not energetic enough to do the research and then do a plausible job of construction.

Here I am having some fun operating my Central Illinois RR.


The total layout is shown here.  It is basically a loop with a small yard that also serves as an interchange, plus some industry trackage in town.


An over-all end view.


Here we have a freight coming into town.


This is the center part of the layout.


This view shows my small but adequate yard.

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